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Such people have a tendency to view relationship partners in a very high contrast, highly idealistic manner.

Partners may be good or they may be bad, but they are generally not represented as possessing both qualities at once.

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It is not at all easy to differentiate borderline mood swings from those, which might be attributed to ultradian rapid cycling bipolar disorder.THE 100K DROP hosted by DAVINA Mc CALLDavina Mc Call brings big money to Channel 4 daytime with The 100K Drop, which sees host Davina Mc Call at the helm as a raft of brave new contestants take on the dastardly drop and attempt to win a jackpot of 100,000.At the start of every game, a pair of contestants start with 100,000.Borderline personality disorder represents a situation where that normal social and emotional maturation process becomes interrupted, due to trauma or difficult life circumstances that interact with temperamental (instinctual) emotional sensitivity.Mood swings in the context of borderline personality disorder are thought of as 'software' problems brought on by changes in the patient's perception and appraisal of their social situation.