Who is ryan seacrest dating 2016

As for how involved Ryan is with his clothing line — you’d have to ask him.And by the way, lots of [presumably] straight men have designed clothing lines, including, but not limited to, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. He has, however, been linked to various women throughout his career, including Shana Wall, Teri Hatcher, and Julianne Hough, whom he dated for two years.However, as noted by the publications, others wondered aloud if someone on Ryan’s team set up the photo op.

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Teri was asked if she thought the paparazzi were tipped off before the kiss, and Hatcher said she had no idea.The fire then spread to a tree and the surrounding area. When you're off, enjoy.' Who doesn't want a bottle of wine?Seacrest said his car would have caught fire if he hadn't moved it to a different location earlier in the day."The firefighters come and you're just so happy to see them," he said, noting that members of the FDNY also came to the rescue when he was trapped in an elevator in Times Square last December before hosting Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve. "Seacrest first revealed the scare on Instagram on Monday, February 20, sharing a photo of charred furniture and debris.With Ryan mentioning that his good friends thought that he might have been coming out of the closet and announcing to the world that Seacrest was gay instead of announcing his new co-hosting gig with Ripa, it isn’t the first assumption being made about Seacrest’s sexuality.When searching for Ryan on Google, the search engine suggests that some of the most popular terms being searched for surrounding Ryan’s name including those folks searching for Seacrest’s wife, his net worth and more.