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Of course, this is the 13th series, so will it be unlucky for some? Here's what we returned to our screens on Saturday, August 27 at 8pm on ITV, followed by another episode on Sunday, August 28 at 8pm and we'll continue with the audition episodes on Saturdays and Sundays for the next few weeks.

Don't worry though, 's broadcaster in the USA, AXS, let the launch date slip when it confirmed that it'll be getting episodes 24 hours after the UK – and will launch the show on Sunday, August 28 and Monday, August 29.

the Czech painter and etcher, Adolf Jelinek Alex, Adolf Alex, These are only a few of the artists featured on this page.

Featured Publishers: A few of the publishers included on this page are Cadart, The Associated American Artists, Vervielfaltigende Kunst, Aubert, Revue des Peinters and Day & Son.

For the Half-Human Hybrid progeny of these pairings, it's even harder to find a compatible mate lifespan-wise, because generally their lifespan is some sort of average of their parents'.

They'll live longer than the mayfly, and shorter than the immortal.

Anime is known for its treatment of the subject due to the Japanese concept of ; roughly, the beauty of transient things. May December Romance is the more mundane version without the mayflies. Contrast Eternal Love, where both partners are immortal or at least long-lived.

has returned to take over our lives again - and it's about to get even more intense as the live shows are fast approaching.

She sent temperatures soaring in a range of pieces by the brand, but it was this colour pop purple basque that really caught our attention.

From Figleaves and Boux Avenue to Agent Provocateur, we've got all budgets covered!

She told ET: 'I trained for four weeks leading up to the shoot.

The Hadean Eon represents time before the reliable (fossil) record of life beginning on Earth; it began with the formation of the planet and ended at 4.0 billion years ago as defined by international convention.

Large disparities in lifespans between characters can be problematic, especially if their relationship goes into the romantic field.