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Among its many observations, the report noted that psychological stress was increasingly apparent in the workplace, presenting and subtle threats to mental health, and possible risk of somatic disorders such as cardiovascular disease.Furthermore, the definition of “spouse” should not be limited to different-sex couples to ensure that same-sex spouses can fully participate in spousal benefits.If an employer requires proof of eligibility of family members (e.g., in order to enroll a different-sex spouse in benefits, an employee must provide proof of marriage license), and would also require proof of eligibility of same-sex partners, the employer should allow any one of the following: It is not recommended to only allow one of the above types of proof – employees may not be able to or, for legal reasons, may not wish to obtain a particular government-recognized proof of same-sex relationship."For all the unemployment, there just are not folks who want to come out and pick blueberries," he said, for about an hour.As the debate continues, we wanted to touch on Alexander's concern about cost.

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For example, if an employer requires documentation for partner benefits, they should similarly request documentation for spousal benefits.And it waits anxiously, because the change represents a looming disruption.Yet, no matter the trouble, the transition is necessary, because the current coding system can’t take healthcare into the future.It has been nearly five years since the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics recommended to the secretary of Health and Human Services that the regulatory process for ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS adoption be initiated.The healthcare industry continues to wait for definitive action.