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Video voyeurism allegations can include a wide array of scenarios involving an individual watching or video recording another in an place in which that person has a reasonable expectation of privacy.Voyeurism charges can be levied for something as simple as recording the view into a persons home to the more serious allegation of placing a recording device in a bedroom, bathroom, or dressing room in an effort to watch someone anytime they enter.Littles is being held for extradition to Georgia, where he will be taken into custody at the De Kalb County Jail pending trial. DREW Three Teenage Girls Drowned And Their Final Moments Are Caught On Dash Cam Video; 20-Year-Old Student Alleges Rape But The University Says She Violated School`s Honor Code; Florida Judge Accused Of Being Blitzed On The Bench. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED MALE POLICE OFFICER: I hear them yelling, I think.And, they got tangled up and it was not safe for them to proceed. GUALTIERI: Well, there was probably -- I mean all said and done because there was a perimeter set there, so there was probably 10 or 12 around the pond on the perimeter. PINSKY: Cheryl, does this jibe with what you are thinking? Because looking at it, when I saw it this morning, the milk in my cereal started to curdle. " Why are not there more -- [] PINSKY: Why are not people jumping in all over the place? First of all, the fact that there were three girls killed is a tragedy. SUTTON: But let us have a little reality check here.

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You must only call Crime Stoppers to be eligible for a reward.According to authorities, Littles raped the child between January 2014 and May 2014 at a residence on Meadow Lane in Decatur.He was apprehended June 28 in Kenneth City, Florida.You may think you can talk your way out of a situation, even if you are 100% innocent, but the police will often use every word you say against you because their goal is to catch the “bad” guy (or girl).The problem with their thinking is that many innocent people get swept up under this mentality. In fact, it would be fair to say that the majority may actually be guilty. Petersburg criminal defense attorney, you can be assured that I’VE GOT YOUR BACK.