Kentucky church bans interracial dating

Of all marriages in the US, 8% are now interracial; that's up from 3% three decades prior. - A Kentucky pastor has nullified a vote by his church to ban interracial couples , he says.“As far as I'm concerned and the church is concerned, this case will be closed as of tomorrow,” said Stacy Stepp on Saturday, after raising the issue with a council of... but apparently not in Pike County, Kentucky, where a small Baptist church has barred interracial couples from becoming members or participating in certain church activities.Afterward, they decided dating might ruin their friendship. Cho was heading off to Purdue University in Indiana while Burkey was staying in St. They kept in touch through phone calls, letters, and four-hour drives to visit each other.At first Cho’s parents didn’t think the two were serious, but after a few years they started speaking out against the relationship.Gulnare Freewill Baptist Church in Johns Creek, Kentucky recently faced something they just never considered before.Stella Harville, 24, a member of the church brought her fiance to church and he was black! The pastor of the church, Melvin Thompson, then banned them from further performances.- More and more Americans are marrying people of different races and ethnicities, reaching at least 1 in 6 newlyweds in 2015, the highest proportion in American history, according to a new study released Thursday.Currently, there are 11 million people—or 1 out of 10 married people—in the United... The Virginia pair met 10 years ago while buying lottery tickets—splitting a ,500 winner—and married earlier...

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She remembers thinking, “If they got to know him as a person beyond the color of his skin, they would truly understand why I care so much about him.” Over the next five years, Burkey went to seminary and Cho graduated from college—but the relationship dilemma remained.Not even a good ol' American black, but a genuine negro from darkest Africa. But Thompson resigned due to health and a new pastor said they could perform.But then Thompson proposed that the church pass a resolution condemning interracial marriage.As the West worries how to handle the increasingly belligerent Kim Jong Un, defectors from North Korea are waging a steady information campaign against the dictator’s brutal regime and personality cult If trends continue, June will bring another spurt in interracial marriage.Here’s the story of one, Brian Burkey and Grace Cho, who met when a Korean friend invited Burkey to youth group at the Korean church that was also home to Cho’s family.