Jon hamm is dating

My obsession could be because she's from near where I grew up in Massachusetts and I feel that faux-kinship thing.It could also be because she's a charming actor, hilarious comic, and the originator of the ultimate cuteness that is Marcel the Shell.While it could just be a friendly outing, both of them are newly single.

He even thanked her in his Emmys speech in September 2015, not long after they split.

I was always loved the adorable fact that Slate and her ex-husband made art together, I admired her graceful split from Chris Evans, and I straight up freaked when I heard that she and Jon Hamm went to the movies together and thus are know the ways in which she posts so candidly about her feelings on Instagram, ignores haterade from jealous fan girls about the men she dates, and stays true to her feminist self are all things I can apply to my life when it comes to being better at dating.

Jenny, if you're out there, I hope you're down with me making these sweeping generalizations to inspire some lady power.

She's also the only celeb who's ever Insta-racted with me, so basically we're BFFs (as you can see below).

Her career is super inspiring, but so is her boss lady romantic life.