Infopath validating event

Rather than continuously copying and pasting the same email response we have decided to summarise the main pain points in this blog post, which should make life easier for both our customers and our poor support staff. I have a field that will take input that can be anywhere from 5 numbers to 50 numbers.See how to boost your team's productivity using custom workflows in Microsoft Share Point.

This article will also guide you through creating an interactive form connected to SQL Server, a template that could be used to produce more sophisticated solutions.

Now that the product has been out in the wild, we are indeed getting more support requests.

Fortunately most questions are easily answered as the majority of problems have a similar root cause. When encountering any kind of problem, the first step is to consult our comprehensive Administration Guide, which is included in the download and available on-line.

However these are account numbers and sometimes start with a "0"(zero).

No matter how I seem to set the validation properties it always drops the leading zero.