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Interested: Any games that can be translated and good in all languages.Not-Interested: – Games that we can’t make changes or already in production, send your projects to the distribution team instead – Concept around a trademark, without the rights – Older game with a new theme, without the rights ATLAS GAMES Interested: card games – edgy or humorous games that don’t require a lot of bits Not-Interested: – abstract – educational games – CCG COSMIC WOMBAT GAMES Interested: medium to light games, about 30-60 minutes in length unique themes and gameplay Not-Interested: – zombies, sci-fi, or D&D type of fantasy themes FOXTROT GAMES Interested: Accessible and engaging strategy games Light to medium Euros Card-only games Open to abstract games Open to games with children’s themes Not-Interested: – CCG – Heavy Euros – Party games GAME SALUTE Not Interested: – Variants on classic games, like a chess or poker variant GOZER GAMES Interested: Lightweight card games or medium weight Euro-style games Nothing over 3 hours play time for board games, 45 minutes for card games New or interesting theme – Space or Steampunk fine Unique hook or interesting game mechanic Should have a good number of players – 4 minimum, 6 preferred Worker placement Co-operative or competitive Exploration games Games where something is built Not interested: – Zombies – CCGs, Deckbuilding – Dice or “press your luck” style games – Party games, Trivia games – Children’s or Sports games – 2-player games GREENBRIER GAMES Interested: science fiction, military & Weapons realistic, or plausible fantasy w/o magic mad scientist, monster building, robots/mechs/cyborgs traiter dynamic, moral ambiguity (tough choices) tactical miniature combat trading, leveling, ecomnic, resource management modular terrain, worldbuilding micromanagement of simcity/civilization style games worker placement voluntary co-op or voluntary pvp, not forced. While there are certainly events focused on movies or tv and some cosplayer Pop culture gencon is overwhelming gaming related.I remember one year where they tried to merge into video games but that largely seems to have went away.Participants exchange names and contact information during the two minutes so that they can connect with the people who appealed to them following the speed dating session.It's an efficient way for people who are interested in finding a special someone to meet a large number of people quickly in a safe environment.

As for Special Events, promotional items, and speculation I don't think there's a concrete answer, monitoring the news letter and any company you're interested in plus the event listing when it comes out should give you a better idea on the special events for Gen Con 50.

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AEG Not Interested: – RPGs – CCGs – Variants on classic games, like a chess or poker variant – Games thematically dependent on acquiring a license.

APE GAMES Interested: family games, but they need enough meat on the bone for more serious gamers Not-Interested: – overly-heavy games – CCG’s, RPG’s or wargames – Thematically no sports game, zombies or fantasy ASMODEE & CO.