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It was made from , known as raw material from other Middle Paleolithic site nearby (Speckberg, Oberneder Grotto, Biburg, Landkreis Kelheim). Ciemna/Pradnik backed bifacial knifes, named after a site in Southern Poland, which was recently dated to MIS3 (excavations in the well-stratified Main Chamber (sector CK).

They are characterized by one straight cutting edge opposite a thicker blunted edge, a rectangular or convex tip, -with or -without the signs of re-sharpening by removal of lateral tranchets.

Metrical analyses suggest that the variability of their forms fact reflects a combination of several main determinants, such as the nature and morphology of the raw material, the stage of the tool reduction during its use and modification and the presence and absence of hafting devices.If a victim decides to pursue a civil case against an offender, you'll need to understand the civil court system so you can tell the victim what to expect.Provides an overview of the criminal justice process.This reshaping technique is known as Prądnik technique.At Ciemna this technique was used for renuvation not only of Keilmesser but also for the resharping of other tools (for example scraper).